In a world of money printing, bank defaults, higher rates, and inflation, how do you know you’re making the right decisions?

Are you taking full advantage of the investment opportunities available to you?
Do you know how markets work and what drives them?
Are you aware of the risks behind investing?
Is your money protected against inflation?
What’s happening with your pension? Where is your money invested and why?
Do you know how the economy impacts your investments?
Can you make sense of the financial news and media?
What kind of returns can you reasonably expect from the markets?
Do you know what drives your mortgage payments?
Does time work in your favour? Are you aware of the importance of starting early?
Does your money work for you?

Making The Most of Financial Markets

Making the right decisions about your money and investments requires having a good grasp of how financial markets work.
It's an incredibly important skill, and yet most people don't have the knowledge and understanding of various financial products and the investment opportunities they offer.
This can potentially lead to costly mistakes, missed opportunities, disappointments and stress.

If you ever tried learning about markets, you know it's not a straightforward task.

At first, you're overwhelmed with information! Too many products! Where do you start? How do you take action?
You try to read more, but it only makes the problem worse! Now you're even more confused than when you started! 🥴
There's too much jargon and slang! What does it all mean?! How does it work?

"Why can't someone explain this to me in plain English?!"

— you anxiously shout into the abyss, but no one replies...

All beginner investors and traders face the same three problems:

Information Overload!
  • Too many different markets and products.
  • Not clear where and how to get started.
  • Difficult to make sense of any commentary and analytics.
  • Unclear what's important and what's just unnecessary details.
It's Too Complicated!
  • Information is difficult to make sense of. 
  • Lots of jargon and slang that no one explains. 
  • Numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers, a chart but it doesn't make sense, more numbers...
No Universal Guide or Map!
  • Lack of a single source covering multiple aspects of financial markets.
  • Knowledge is scattered across different books, courses, articles etc.
  • No repository of just the important bits and explanations!

The struggle is real. But the truth is...


(if you know where to start👇)

Mastering Global Financial Markets

A self-paced online course that explores how financial markets work through stories, examples, charts and infographics, giving you enough context to make sure "it clicks."

It consists of 18+ hours of clearly explained video lectures and over 1,000 kick-ass slides to demonstrate various ideas, theories and relationships.

The course assumes no knowledge and gradually builds up a clear understanding of the financial industry, different financial products and macroeconomic variables that drive them.

Even the most complex topics are all laid out in pictures and diagrams along with a story that flows and actually makes sense.

If you ever wanted to get control of investing and understand what’s going on with your money, this is where you start.


“ of the best training sessions at the onset of my career in finance.” 

— Jovana, Account Executive

This is not just a course.

It's a journey. It's an adventure!

Where will it take you? 👇

Financial Industry and Market Players:

  • Two sources of financing.
  • The difference between capital and financial markets.
  • Public and private markets.
  • ECM and DCM.
  • Primary and secondary markets.
  • How do companies raise equity capital?
  • Buy-side vs sell-side.
  • What does it mean to provide liquidity?
  • What do market makers do?
  • What's so special about investment banks?

Fixed Income Markets:

  • Fiscal policy and budget deficits.
  • Supply and demand for sovereign debt.
  • Where do you park one billion dollars?
  • Calculating bond prices and yields.
  • How do interest rate expectations drive bond prices?
  • Nominal and real rates.
  • Credit risk and probability of default.
  • Economic impact of interest rates.
  • Term structure of interest rates.
  • Short-term and long-term drivers of the yield curve.

Equities and the Stock Market:

  • Price appreciation and total return.
  • Global stock market indices.
  • What returns can one expect from investing in the stock market?
  • The earnings expectations rollercoaster.
  • Why do earnings have to constantly grow?
  • Navigating earnings estimates and forecasts.
  • Stock market and economic cycles.
  • Cyclical and defensive stocks.
  • Stock multiples and the P/E ratio.
  • Relative and absolute valuation.

Currencies and the FX Market:

  • Bretton Woods and the gold standard.
  • How is fiat currency different from monopoly money?
  • FX market structure and conventions.
  • How to read a currency quote?
  • Fixed vs floating currencies.
  • Why do currency pegs fail?
  • What drives currency exchange rates?
  • How to avoid a currency crisis?
  • Where do FX reserves come from?
  • Imports, exports and the trade balance.
  • Trade and capital flows between countries.

Commodity Markets:

  • Structure of the physical supply chain.
  • Commodity production, storage and transportation.
  • Supply and demand shocks.
  • Commodity reserves and inventory.
  • How are trading houses different from investment banks?
  • Financialization of commodities.
  • Crude oil industry structure.
  • The role of oil refineries.
  • What is a crack spread and what does it show?
  • What caused negative oil prices?

Global Macro and Economics:

  • Economic output and GDP.
  • What drives economic growth?
  • Nominal and real GDP.
  • Measuring economic activity via economic indicators.
  • Unemployment and labor markets.
  • The dangers of inflation and deflation.
  • In search of price stability.
  • Why does the gold standard fail?
  • What are the benefits of a 2% inflation?
  • Interpreting headline and core inflation.
  • Business and economic cycles.

Central Banks and the Fed:

  • Fiscal and monetary policy.
  • Three responsibilities of a central bank.
  • Controlling interest rates and money supply.
  • Dovish vs hawkish guidance.
  • Central bank responses to inflation and recession.
  • Federal Reserve as the world's central bank.
  • What are bank reserves?
  • FOMC and the Fed Funds rate.
  • Why do central banks do Quantitative Easing (QE)?
  • Three side effects of QE.

Macro Trading and Investing:

  • Why does macro matter for markets?
  • Building a simple macro model.
  • Economic impact on financial assets.
  • How to position for economic cycles?
  • What are risk assets?
  • Risk on and risk off investing.
  • Bear-market rallies and bull-market sell-offs.
  • What kind of scenario is the market pricing?

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18+ hours of clearly explained video lectures.
Access to a like-minded community via a Discord chat.
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What will this course do for you?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

✅ Improve your overall financial literacy.

✅ Increase your confidence when making investment decisions.

✅ Engage in discussions about markets, investments, and macroeconomic trends.

✅ Feel smug enough to explain the economy at a family dinner.

✅ Navigate and understand the dynamics behind different financial markets.

✅ Appreciate the risks of investing and not investing.

✅ Evaluate the wider economic environment and its impact on your investments.

✅ Make sense of financial news and commentary.

✅ Uncover the secrets behind inflation and its impact on markets and the economy.

✅ Build a solid foundation for long-term financial success.

Don't wait for someone to translate the markets for you. Become the translator yourself!

What differentiates this course from others?

There are many financial courses out there:

❌ Some courses are too complex.

❌ Some go into unnecessary products and topics.

❌ Some bombard you with dry information.

❌ Some just list financial products without explaining why they exist or why they're needed.

❌ Some overcomplicate things on purpose to give you an illusion of value!

But if something is complex and painful, it doesn't necessarily mean it's valuable!

On the contrary - it takes effort to simplify things and make them easy to understand!

We took a different approach.

Here is what makes our course unique:

1. Comprehensive:

  • Covers the four main investment product categories and demonstrates how they fit in the context of the wider economy and central bank policies.
  • Explores the relationships and dynamics between markets and macroeconomic drivers.
  • Focuses on what's truly important without going into unnecessary details.

2. All in One Place:

  • Combines a wide range of financial topics and themes into a single training.
  • Saves time and effort from having to collect important financial knowledge in bits and pieces.
  • Offers a one-stop-shop solution for anyone looking to break into markets and investing.

3. Easy to Understand:

  • Includes stories, examples, graphs, infographics, diagrams, memes and much more!
  • Gives you an important context behind products and investments.
  • Complex ideas are built from the ground up and introduced gradually.

Ultimately, this course is not about financial markets.

It’s about making better decisions.


The more information and knowledge you have, the better decisions you can make.

Better decisions about your money.

Better decisions about your investments.

Better decisions about your future.

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Coming out July 2024!

Created by a real human being!

No added artificial intelligence!

(Only naturally occurring knowledge and experience)

The course is delivered by Sergei Perfiliev:

▪️ Trader specializing in equity derivatives and volatility trading.

▪️ Former Goldman Sachs quantitative analyst.

▪️ Working in finance since 2008.

▪️ Professional career includes Nomura, Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs.

▪️ Cross asset-class experience covering equities, fixed income, FX and commodities.

▪️ Delivering financial courses since 2013.

▪️ Taught 1,000+ students on finance and financial markets.

▪️ Holds Masters of Engineering from Imperial College London.

▪️ Holds Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance from University of Oxford.

Features and benefits of an online course:

Full access to recorded lectures and over 1,000 slides.

Flexible learning! Fit the course into your schedule with our user-friendly online platform.

Accessible anywhere! Learn markets on your phone during your train journey to work!

✅ Ask questions and clarify anything in the comments section under every lesson.

✅ Engage with the instructor and other students on a Discord server.

✅ Rewatch, rewind anything you missed.

✅ Lifetime access to future updates.

🔥 Truly. Epic. Slides. 🔥

Over 1,000 of them. All yours.

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Coming out July 2024!

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More modules will be added in July 2024.
  Mastering Financial Markets Course
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  Capital and Financial Markets
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  Financial Industry and Market Players
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  Fixed Income Markets: Overview
Available in days
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  Fixed Income: Sovereign Debt Markets
Available in days
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  Fixed Income: Bond Prices and Yields
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  Fixed Income: Risks and Market Drivers
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  Fixed Income: Yield Curve
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  Equity Markets: Stocks, Indices, and ETFs
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  Equity Markets: Corporate Earnings
Available in days
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  Equity Markets: Stock Valuation
Available in days
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  Foreign Exchange Markets
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  FX Markets: Lumino and Kredos
Available in days
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  FX Markets: Fixed and Floating Currencies
Available in days
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  Commodity Markets
Available in days
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  Global Macro and Economics
Available in days
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  Global Macro: Money, Prices, and Inflation
Available in days
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  Central Banks and the Fed
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Macro Trading and Investing
Available in days
days after you enroll

See what others have to say:

Ahmet, Software Developer

"I tend to get bored and distracted by pretty much anything over an hour. I didn't even blink for a second during your training. You're a great great presenter! More importantly you're a great storyteller. I've read and watched about many of those macroeconomics topics before however yours was by far the most engaging one."

Tommy, Software Engineer

" usual I liked you lively presentation style, how you present not only the facts but also put then in context and explain how things link to each other, all using a language that it suitable for engineers. :) That's why repeatedly attend your courses."

Anna, Accounts Manager

“Sergei led various financial trainings and I really enjoyed his teaching style and dedication to his students. He always made sure students were engaged and understood the topic before moving on. I would recommend Sergei for his professionalism and deep knowledge.”

Alex, Financial Sales

“As part of a financial training program, Sergei equipped me with the knowledge that I am still benefiting from seven years later. He has an ability to deliver complex subject material in a digestible way.”

Igor, Data Analyst

“Amazing training! Sergei does a great job at explaining the concepts using simple analogies which makes the complex world of finance very clear.”

Yoshi, Investment Professional

“Sergei is one of the best instructors I have ever met. He understands people learn in different ways and can adjust his teaching style. I would highly recommend him, especially when you are trying to learn something complicated or you want to learn something quickly.”

Paul, Software Developer

"An excellent presenter and an enjoyable course, complex material presented in an approachable fashion."

Eric, Software Engineer

“Sergei’s lucid explanations helped me get a deeper grasp of the concepts I was grappling with, whilst giving me a new perspective on the material. I credit him with getting me up to speed when I needed it most.”

Babak, Head of Pricing

“Sergei has a dynamic approach to teaching and his ability to breakdown complex commercial concepts makes learning easy and memorable. I still remember his enthusiasm after 7 years and always happy to learn from him.”